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  • 	The State of Email Marketing 2016 - Reports

    GetResponse, in collaboration with Smart Insights and Kath Pay, prepared a report to establish industry benchmarks and outline paths for improvement.

    The State of Email Marketing 2016
  • How good really are your email campaigns benchmark

    GetResponse, in collaboration with SmartInsights, has conducted the largest global marketing research project in history and created the first report on email marketing excellence...

    The State of Email Marketing 2015
  • The state of email marketing in smbs 2011

    Check out this GetResponse Report to identify the strengths and weaknesses of email marketers in your sector...

    The State Of Email Marketing In SMBs 2011
  • Email marketing and social media

    Social sharing can bring great results (hope you’re now convinced) but it will require some effort to optimize it...

    Email Marketing and Social Media
  • Email marketing performance by industry

    Email marketing is growing more popular every day. To help track its progress, the GetResponse...

    Email Marketing Performance by Industry
  • Email marketing metric around the world

    For this study, we analyzed some email marketing metrics to show variations among senders from different continents...

    GetResponse Email Marketing Metrics Around the World
  • Email marketing metric analysis

    We recommend Email Analytics for optimizing your campaigns. It’s also useful to assess and compare email marketing outcomes for larger volumes of email over longer periods of time...

    GetResponse Email Marketing Metrics Analysis

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